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country Russia
Audience Score 81 Votes
Actor Juris Laucinsh, Sergey Abroskin
reviews Otdat kontsy is a movie starring Sergey Abroskin, Maksim Vitorgan, and Yola Sanko. A village so small all the residents not only knows each other, but also can easily recognize the neighbor's cow face a frightful news. It was

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82minute / actor=Andy Herzog, Susann Rüdlinger / Score=44 votes / description=Road trip of a struggling script writer who works as an anonymous youth hostel tester / 2015

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Countries Japan
5,5 of 10
Hiroaki Kawatsure
directors Mac P. Forever

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Bobby Razak

Duration - 1 Hours, 3Minute

Tomatometers - 7,3 / 10

Score - 34 votes

Stars - Gilbert Melendez


Genre - Drama
Tomatometer - 6,6 / 10
Countries - France
rating - 708 Votes
writed by - Sébastien Marnier

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  1. writed by - Juan de Recacochea
  2. Romance
  3. Directors - Juan Carlos Valdivia
  4. average Rating - 6,7 of 10 Star
  5. Year - 2005

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Directed by=Filip Bajon; rating=114 Vote; Marian Opania; movie info=In the 1980s, a group of Polish intellectuals visit Helsinki every year to attend a symposium and then talk about politics in a Finnish sauna; average rating=7,6 of 10 Star

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release year=2014 Country=Canada genre=Adventure, Documentary directed by=Félix Dufour-Laperrière review=Documentary essay, filmed during an Atlantic crossing aboard a cargo ship. A film about immensity and faith, about the uninterrupted movements of the waves and their power. And finally, perhaps most importantly, about the men aboard, witnesses and actors in this life between two shores, isolated in the middle of infinity. Transatlantic tells the story of the journey and daily life aboard and reveals the ship as a microcosm and a metaphor : a human island in the heart of a great elsewhere