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Genre - Thriller / Duration - 104 Minutes / star - Jami Ross / USA / year - 2006

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  1. resume - After celebrated careers , legendary dancers Marge Champion and Donald Saddler became friends while performing together in the Broadway Show Follies (2001) . When the show closed, they decided to rent a private studio together where they have been choreographing and rehearsing original dances ever since. They are both 90 years old. KEEP DANCING seamlessly blends 9 decades of archival film and photographs with present day footage to tell a story through dance of the passing of time and the process of aging
  2. Documentary
  3. country - USA
  4. liked it - 13 vote
  5. Marge Champion


  1. 1Hours 20min
  2. rating: 199 Votes
  3. Directed by: Justin Guerrieri
  4. Reviews: While camping seven friends stumble upon the murdered bodies of a vacationing couple and soon find they are fighting for their lives against a sadistic killer
  5. countries: USA

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Writers - Jurgen Wolff Action Sean Dillon is now married and has retired. Or so he thinks. But Brigadier Ferguson has got word of a sinister plot. Members of the royal family are to be shot. Is the IRA involved? Or old guard Russian leaders? Or middle East fundamentalists? In any case the hit man is ice-cold John Engel, Sean's nemesis. The consequences are tragic. Is there a place for love in such a world? Sean, Engel, Hannah Berstein, all seem to give it a desperate try Kenneth Cranham scores - 177 vote