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Short country - Spain Writed by - Agustín Mateo

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TV Movie

66 Votes

Soviet Union

directed by: Oleg Ryabokon

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Release Year=2015 / 1 H, 18 minute / Genre=Documentary / Director=Mian Adnan Ahmad / rating=9,6 / 10 Star

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Review - The summer holidays are approaching and the children are bragging about all the exciting places they are going to visit during the long-awaited two months of summer. Only Tonda is not looking forward to staying in Prague over the holidays. He brightens up after his father announces that the boy can visit some friends of the family in the village of Petipsy; Ota Koval; audience score - 28 votes; Release year - 1972; Family

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tomatometer 4,4 of 10 Star / actor Mercy Malick / Audience Score 168 votes / Running out of places to investigate, a group of urban explorers dare into the famous house of Amanda Peterson only to learn that she was not crazy but rather a victim of a demonic creature that hides in the shadows and takes control of the house once the darkness arrive. Their hope for survival relies on Amanda's passed on knowledge of years of being haunted by the demon. They will soon realize that once the demon takes control there's no way to escape / genre Thriller

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rating=8,5 / 10 stars 1985 genre=Music Rating=20 votes

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Spain; creators: Amaia Remirez; Director: Raúl de la Fuente; Isn't the whole Earth too small for such ambition? Gold, rubies and poverty in Mozambique

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directors - Erick Fix

Online video The Least Among You

  1. Rating=136 vote
  2. user rating=5,3 of 10 star
  3. genre=Drama
  4. runtime=1Hour, 38minute
  5. Release Date=2009

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Audience score - 699 vote; User rating - 4,5 / 10 Star; creator - Dan DeFilippo, Justin Smith; Genre - Thriller; story - Dementia 13 is a movie starring Julia Campanelli, Channing Pickett, and Steve Polites. At a wealthy family estate, extortionists go after their matriarch and her inheritance while a ghost and and ax-wielding figure lurk in the